The Best Web Hosting Name Cheap Review – Get Started from 1.58$/m


Are you searching out the proper web website hosting to get your internet site up and running? 

You might also additionally experience beaten with alternatives for web website hosting, and also you aren’t alone. There isn’t any scarcity of companies to pick from whilst it comes time to nail down web website hosting to your internet site. 

There are unique internet web website hosting offerings that offer what you need, and Namecheap can be one in every of them. 

This web website hosting corporation began out as a website registrar in 2000, and its fulfillment on this enterprise led Namecheap to feature on different offerings, such as web website hosting. 

Today, the corporation has over eleven million clients and hosts over 3 million area names. 

While a few organizations make their cash off upsells, Namecheap prides itself that it no longer uses the upsell tactic to make cash. Instead, they offer low cost pricing plans that come up with what you need, subsequently the call Namecheap.

Compare Namecheap to The Best Web Hosting Services

As cited above, Namecheap is some distance from the handiest internet web website hosting carrier. There are others available in the marketplace that we determined we love extra—an end we got here to after a first rate deal of studies and trial and error. We set out on an adventure to discover the excellent internet web website hosting carriers with a purpose to use, and Namecheap didn’t make the cut. 

However, simply as it didn’t make our listing does now no longer suggest that Namecheap isn’t a great answer to your web website hosting wishes. Hosting wishes range from individual to individual, and Namecheap can also additionally have precisely what you want. It is really well worth getting to know extra about, at least. And this is why we’re digging deeper into Namecheap to reveal to you the way it compares to others. 

See our pinnacle selections here, and examine beneath neath for our mind on Namecheap.

Namecheap: The Good and The Bad

Let’s make the leap into Namecheap’s professionals and cons so you can decide whether or not its professionals provide you with what you want and if the cons aren’t deal-breakers.

The Good

Trusted Brand: Namecheap has been around for over twenty years and isn’t any stranger to the sector of web website hosting. With over 3 million web website hosting clients below its wing, Namecheap is doing something right. You can believe that over the years, they’ve labored out quite a few kinks and these days have a normally suitable product. 

Good Uptime: An uptime you may depend upon is an absolute necessity. An excessive uptime percent method means much less downtime to your internet site. And downtime is something you don’t want. The extra time your web page spends offline, the extra clients you may lose. 

That’s why we like Namecheap’s 100% carrier stage settlement for uptime. If an uptime of 100% isn’t achieved, you get your cash back. Now that’s a patron carrier. Namecheap can provide this due to the fact they’ve a record of robust uptime. There had been a few minor dips withinside the past, however not anything catastrophic and not anything that didn’t get it oh-so-near the 100% mark. Currently, the common uptime sits at 99.97%, that is quite darn near perfect.

And, maintain in your mind that in case your uptime isn’t perfect, Namecheap can pay for it. 

Free Domain and Migration: If you’ve got your internet site hosted with every other issuer however aren’t satisfied with the services, Namecheap makes it reasonably-priced and clean to interchange over to their plans. They are so reasonably-priced, in fact, that they rate you not anything. Yes, that’s right; Namecheap gives unfastened migration of your web page from different web website hosting carriers.

What in addition they offer free of charge is a site with the acquisition of a plan. This makes me feel in view that domain names are their specialty. But we like a great freebie, specifically whilst it’s something we are able to truly use. 

Money-Back Guarantee: Not satisfied together with your Namecheap experience? No problem. If making a decision within 30 days of beginning your offerings which you don’t like what goes on, Namecheap will refund you. 

That way you’ve got a whole month to take your Namecheap plan for a check run. If you’re now no longer satisfied on the quit of that run, you could transfer to every other plan choice or get your cash back. 

Great Basic Plan: If you’ve ever looked for internet website web hosting before, you probably recognise that the fundamental plans with almost any company deliver the bare minimum. They function as a brilliant beginning region for folks that are new to websites, however in case you want an awful lot extra from your website web hosting than simply an area to park your internet site, the naked minimal plans won’t be enough. 

However, that isn’t always the case with regards to Namecheap. Don’t permit the call idiot you due to the fact, despite the fact that their fundamental plan is cheap (we’re speakme pocket-change-simply-over-a-greenback cheap), they provide loads extra than maximum in their competitors. 

With Namecheap’s naked minimal plan, you get unmetered bandwidth. This is a rarity that you may experience as your web page begins to grow. In addition to that, you furthermore may get a unfastened SSL certificates for the primary 12 months. (As is the case with maximum unfastened SSL certificates offerings, the primary 12 months is unfastened, and each 12 months after that, you need to pay. Namecheap does the same.) 

But one of the things we like is that you get unfastened backups two times every week. Other carriers provide the best unfastened backup as soon as every week, so two times every week is a huge bonus. Backups are critical due to the fact you don’t recognise whilst some thing may work incorrectly all through a replacement that would probably carry your whole web  page down. 

But it doesn’t forestall there. You additionally get now no longer one, now no longer two, however 3 web sites with the fundamental plan. This is a large step up from the unmarried hosting that maximum offerings offer with their most inexpensive plan. If you need to run both an enterprise and a private web page, you’ll love this perk. 

On pinnacle of all this, you get a whopping 50 electronic mail addresses, too. Most carriers best come up with one, and a few don’t come up with any, so 50 is a large bonus. 

And one extra thing: you furthermore may get 50 MySQL databases, while maximum carriers provide a way much less than that. 

Quick Load Time: No one desires to listen to the Jeopardy topic track even as they take a seat down and look forward to an internet site to load. If an internet site takes extra than 3-four seconds to load, there may be nearly a 100% assurance that the ones humans will abort the project and head to every other internet site

According to Google, an internet site needs to load in much less than 3 seconds in this day and age. However, you need to aim for much less

Namecheap makes Google’s quantity attainable. Their common web page pace is 458 ms, which passes the check with flying colors. And evidently the speeds with this company hold to get faster.

The Bad 

Unreliable Customer Support: Namecheap has a brilliant aid referred to as the Knowledge Base this is the region to move when you have troubles which you assume perhaps not unusual place and skilled via way of means of others for your shoes.


Topics encompass the whole lot from SSL certificate to e mail service. 

They additionally provide how-to movies that stroll you through all forms of questions and offer strong answers.

However, in case you can’t locate what you’re seeking out in both Knowledge Base or the how-to movies, matters might also additionally get a chunk tricky.

Namecheap has stay chats which can be brief to reply at first, however the help does now no longer live robustly while the questions begin coming out. The quantity of time it takes to get questions spoken back withinside the chat is greater than we’re cushty with.

You additionally have the choice to post a price price tag for any questions or concerns, however that won’t warrant a brief response. And telecel smartphone help doesn’t exist with Namecheap, so don’t even attempt to look for more than a few to call.

Namecheap Pricing and Options : 

Now it’s time to discover all of the special package deal alternatives with Namecheap. And there are masses to pick out from. Whether you’re simply beginning on an internet site and are seeking out something primarily for non-public use, or you’re an agency seeking to construct a high-visitors internet site you could depend on, Namecheap has something for you.

Namecheap Shared Hosting

We are feeling quite stellar approximately the shared web website hosting plans Namecheap offers. True to its name, they may be certainly reasonably-priced and provide a superb deal greater than different primary shared web website hosting plans, as cited above.

Stellar: This is the bottom stage of plan with Namecheap, however you get a lot. Included are 20 GB SSD, 3 websites, a unfastened area name (for the primary year), and unfastened CDN. This package deal is priced at $1.58/month, billed annually.

Stellar Plus: This package deal comes with limitless SSD, limitless websites, auto-backup, unfastened area name, unfastened CDN, and more. You’ll pay $2.68/month for this while billed annually.

Stellar Business:  For the ones seeking to begin a small internet site for his or her business, this could be proper for you. You get 50 GB SSD, limitless websites, auto-backup, cloud storage, unfastened area name, unfastened CDN, and more. Pricing for this begins offevolved at $4.80/month while billed annually.

On pinnacle of the above, all shared web website hosting plans get a unfastened internet site builder, area name, privateness protection, unfastened SSL certificate, unfastened SSL installation, cPanel, e mail service, and 24/7 support.

Namecheap Reseller Hosting

Reseller web website hosting is a high-quality manner to earn a few passive income. You can buy a reseller plan from Namecheap after which they promote plans to humans you know, inclusive of pals or customers.

Nebula: This is the most inexpensive reseller web website hosting plan and springs with 30 GB SSD and 25 cPanel debts that you may promote to others. This plan will cost you $17.88/month, billed annually. 

Galaxy Expert. The subsequent stage of reseller web website hosting will provide you with ninety GB SSD and a hundred cPanel debts to promote. This is priced at $33.88/month, billed annually. 

Universe Pro. If you’re seeking to perform a little critical reselling, this plan can be the proper one for you. It comes with one hundred fifty GB SSD and one hundred fifty cPanel debts. It will cost you $51.88/month, billed annually. 

Each of the reseller plans additionally encompass the following:

Ability to manipulate from cPanel

Unmetered bandwidth

Unlimited domains/subdomains

WMH control

Account control tools

High-powered reseller servers

Namecheap WordPress Hosting

If you’re planning to use WordPress, these hosting plans are for you. 

EasyWP Starter. This is great for your first WordPress website. This plan gives you 10 GB SSD and 50,000 visitors per month for $22.88/month, billed annually. 

EasyWP Turbo. Want to grow your WordPress site? Try this plan that gives you 50 GB SSD, 1.5 times more CPU, 1.5 times more RAM, free SSL, free CDN, and 200,00 monthly visitors for $34.44/month, billed annually. 

EasyWP Supersonic. If you want to scale your website to its maximum, this plan may be right for you. You get 100 GB SSD, two times more CPU, twice the RAM, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, free SSL, free CDN, and 500,000 monthly visitors for $49.88/month, billed annually.

VPS Hosting

For more control and flexibility with your website, VPS hosting plans are a great option. 

Pulsar. This popular VPS hosting plan gets you two CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 40 GGB SSD RAID 10, and 1000 GB bandwidth. It is priced at $7.88/month, billed annually. 

Quasar. This plan is a great value and gets you four CPU cores, 6 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD RAID 10, and 3000 GB bandwidth. It is priced at $13.88/month, billed annually.

Dedicated Hosting

If you need your own servers to have free reign over what you do, then a dedicated hosting plan is something you should look into.

The different plans within the dedicated server plan offer some great options, depending on your specific needs. Once you get to this level of hosting, it is a good idea to connect with a Namecheap agent and see if you can get more information before making such a big purchase. As you can see, the plans range from over $600/month to over $1,100/month.

A dedicated server comes with many benefits for your website and company and may be just what you need.

Comparing The Best Web Hosting Services

When you are considering Namecheap for your web hosting and learning the pros and cons of this provider, it is also important to note that there are other options. Our guide will help you learn more about the available alternatives. Check out the best web hosting services guide here. 

  1. Hostinger – Best web hosting for most users
  2. SiteGround – Best for keeping uptime above 99.99%
  3. HostGator – Best for scaling your small business easily
  4. DreamHost – Best pay-as-you-go web hosting
  5. Bluehost – Best drag-and-drop page builder for beginners
  6. InMotion Hosting – Best price for hosting two websites on one plan
  7. Nexcess – Best for experienced WordPress users
  8. A2 Hosting – Most dependable web hosting for European and Asian audiences 

Though Namecheap did now no longer make it on our listing of pinnacle net web website hosting services, as you could see from above, it is a great issuer really well worth searching similarly into. They offer first-rate value, specially the low-degree plans that provide a first-rate deal greater than a lot of their competitors. With many professionals and now no longer many cons, that is a provider which can provide you with simply what you need.

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